Invisible Halo Hair Extensions

$27.99 $93.99
Color: Ash Blonde Mix Bleach Blonde

Are you tired of spending money on clip-in hair extensions that ruin your hair?

Our Invisible Halo Hair Extensions are your problem solver!

No clips, no glue, and no damage
- There are many options when it comes to extensions, but Lourie Shop - Invisible Halo Hair Extension specializes in quality in a way that our competitors do not.

We are an affordable alternative for you to get the most premium quality extensions in the market! Our invisible headband slips on & off easily, it blends smoothly with your own hair. Unlike our competitors, our halo-shaped design is double drawn meaning it’s thick all the way down to the ends and has a length of 20 inches. We are the least expensive per gram and offer 40% more hair than our competitors.

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Our extensions are made with less broken synthetic fiber meaning thickness is maintained from root to tip. If maintained correctly our hair will last up to 12 months.